Strategy and design

12/9/2019 ☼ StrategyDesignTheory

Starting on 1 October 2019, as I have for the last five years, I’ll be running a tiny PhD seminar at UCLs School of Management exploring where and how conventional strategic thinking and design theory can contribute to each other.

MSIN0134: Strategy and Design (seminar)
Strategy and design are bodies of theory and practice that focus on taking action to achieve desired goals across a range of domains. Yet, though strategic theory and design theory are mutually complementary, they remain largely disconnected. This seminar aims to expose you to selected major perspectives in strategic theory and design theory where relevant to research in strategy and management. The seminar is intended to provide a framework, a setting, and an opportunity for PhD students to articulate or advance theoretical or empirical research programmes that investigate issues of strategy and design. It is not intended to be an exhaustive review of either strategy or design theory.

Here is the syllabus, and here are the readings.