I’m a keynote speaker, consultant, author, toolmaker, and strategy professor at UCL.

I’ve spent over a decade researching the difference between risk and uncertainty — I’ve now broadened my scope to explore the wider range of types of not-knowing that we face.

My speaking, consulting, and writing are all aimed at helping leaders and their organizations understand uncertainty and design themselves to flourish in it.

Here’s what I’m doing now-ish.

I cover some key ideas in the 15-minute talk below:

I unpack these ideas more in the longer conversation below:


For speaking enquiries, contact contact Deborah Rey-Burns at Propela.

For consulting enquiries, email .

To chat, find me on Farcaster @vt, Twitter @vaughn_tan, or Bluesky @vaughn.bsky.social.

For strange photos, find me on Instagram @vaughn.tan.