Where: Marseille (until September 25).


  1. Episode 9 in my monthly discussion series on not-knowing is about how futurity affects not-knowing by providing opportunities to learn about new actions/outcomes, to change norms about value, and to respond to changes in the relative scarcity of resources. Thursday, 21 Sep. More information and tickets.
  2. I’ll be in the Bay Area from 26 Sep to 3 Oct (San Francisco; Berkeley/Oakland; Palo Alto/Mountain View; Cupertino). Currently scheduled: A talk on innovation and not-knowing at a Big Payment Processing Company, some work for 2 other clients, and catching up with the current #vibes after being away for heaps time. Let me know if you want me to give a talk or just have a chat.

Recent writing and other stuff:

  1. From my not-knowing project: A post about how future-ness affects not-knowing and a post about not-knowing about value and values.
  2. From my not-knowing discussion series: A summary of Episode 7 (on causal not-knowing) and Episode 8 (on not-knowing about value).
  3. From my newsletter: Issues on how to design good experiments, and on why organisations that work in uncertain (not just risky) industries should be designed to incorporate uncertainty.

Updated 20 September 2023