Strategy and Design
MSIN0134, University College London, 2013-present.

Reading-intensive doctoral seminar exploring connections and complementarities between strategic management theory and design theory (broadly construed). I developed and currently teach this seminar.

Strategy by Design
MSIN0020; University College London, 2013-present.

Undergraduate lecture and case-based module using design thinking and structured analytical writing to motivate and update conventional strategic theory and practice. I developed and teach this course.

Managing Uncertainty
Executive education module; Singapore Management University, 2017.

1-day module for senior managers at a major technology firm on recognizing and managing uncertainty in their work portfolios. I developed and delivered this module.

Sociological Theory
Sociology 97; Harvard University, 2011.

Required undergraduate tutorial covering classical and contemporary sociological theory. I developed lectures for each week’s readings, and graded a series of analytic papers.

Idea Translation
Engineering Sci 147; Harvard School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, 2010.

Interdisciplinary graduate and undergraduate course in design offered by David Edwards. I advised student groups each researching and developing an engineering project. Received the Bok Center Award for Distinction in Undergraduate Teaching.

Agriculture, Economics, and Biology
Biology 95hfy; Harvard University, 2005.

Full-year advanced undergraduate tutorial on the relationships between agriculture, economics, and biology, offered by Glenn Adelson. I developed and taught the agriculture and economics parts of the course, and co-managed the field component (25 field days).