Where: Just back to Marseille from the US and the empty diagonal of France. Now that the air and water are both warm, everyone else is going to the beach too.

This week: Taking up old vinyl to see what’s underneath, buying some Festools, ordering some extruded aluminium, watching videos about patching drywall, getting a parking permit.

Recent writing:

  1. Not-knowing and emotion (third discussion summary)
  2. Thinking more clearly about risk (fourth discussion summary)
  3. Newsletters: About the appreciation of rocks, and about how we (mis)name risky situations.
  4. And still noodling on being more skeptical about methods purported to deal with uncertainty.

Listening to: The National, Elvin Bishop, Tracey Ullman, Dan Tepfer, Alain Bashung, George MacRae, Sister Rosetta Tharp, Tracey Ullman, and Bill Callahan.

Soon: The fifth monthly discussion about not-knowing (May 18, online and open to all). Columbia MO for Capital Camp (May 22-24), then Cambridge MA (May 25 to June 3) where I’ll speak to the people at Fog Pharma about not-knowing and the spaces of discovery.

Updated 8 May 2023